Pandemic Action International


Keep Masks Required in Alberta Health Services


Signed Letter for Testing & Monitoring of Air Quality in Ontario's Schools​.

Held Virtual Remembrance for Lives Lost & Damaged from Covid in Netherlands.


Supported Protest for Measures in New Brunswick.

Supported Do No Harm BC's Protest for Masks in Healthcare.

Request for Measures at The Coronation in London.

Signed UK Healthcare Mask petition.

Supported Covid Awareness Week.


Request for Counties in California to Keep Healthcare Mask Mandates.

Request for Schools in Alberta & Saskatchewan to Mask after Easter Break.

Request for Winnipeg School Division to Mask after March Break.

Request for Schools in British Columbia to Mask after March Break.

​Request for Ontario Schools to Mask after March Break.

Observed International Day for Long Covid.


Request to States to Keep Healthcare Mask Mandates.

Request to New York State to Keep Healthcare Mask Mandate.


Request for measures in Scotland.

Request to American Counties for measures at events & high risk settings.

Request for Los Angeles County to mandate masks.

Request & thank you to Philadelphia School Board.

Request for Canadian schools boards to mandate masks.



Sent thank you to Oakland, California.

Request for Oakland to expand mask requirement.

Thank you to Hamilton School Board.

Request for United States to issue mask mandate.

Signed Require Masking in all Healthcare Settings.

28 November
Request to USA

27 November
Attended Vigil Against Covid

24 November
Thank you to Burlington

22 November
Request for Ottawa School Board

21 November
Request for Durham School Board

10 November
Request for Ontario

9th November
Signed : Ontario Mask Petition

8th November
Sent request to Mayor of Vienna

7th November
Signed Australia Isolation peition

4th November
Created site.

21-23rd October
Sent requests for expanded mask mandates to all German states.

17th October
Joined Twitter

2 October
Request for Fanshaw College

21 September
Request for MTA New York

8 August
Request for Canadian National Exhibition

25 July
Request for France

5 June
Request for TTC

5 June
Request for Niagara Transit

20 May
Request for Oakville Transit

20 May
Request for London Transit

20 May
Request for Kingston Transit

20 May
Request for Hamilton Street Railway

13 May
Request for Rainbow Schools

11 May
Request for Burlington

5 May
Request for Charlottetown

4 May
Request for Prince Edward Island

3 May
Request for Halifax 

29 April
Request for Ontario

28 April
Request for Manitoba

25 April
Request for Toronto School Board

25 April
Request for Simcoe School Board

25 April
Request for Durham School Board

23 April
Request for Limestone School Board

22 April
Request for Hamilton School Board

22 April
Request for Kingston School Board

22 April
Request for Peel School Board

22 April
Request for Oshawa

5 April
Request for Quebec

5 April
Request for Prince Edward Island

5 April
Request for Ireland

Request for Belgium

Request for Austria

24 March
Request for France

9 March
Request for Nova Scotia

7 March
Request for New Brunswick

7 March
Request for Newfoundland


8 November
Request for Belgium

15 October
Request for Saskatchewan

1 October
Request for Alberta.

29 September
Request & thank you to Brussels.

28 September
Request for Luxembourg & Liege, Belgium.

17 September
Request for Calgary Tower

15 July
Request for Northern Ireland

10 July
Request for NHS England

29 June
Request for Labour Party

27 June
Request for Tokyo Government

26 June
UK Doctor's & British Medical Association

21 June
Request for UK Government

18 June
Request for City of Sapporro

16 June
Request for International Olympic Committee

15 June
Request for Manchester Museum of Transport

10 June
Request for Canadian Olympic Committee

25 May
Thank you to Queen's Park

13 May
Request for Sears / Willis Tower

11 May
Thank you to Province of Manitoba

5 February
Request for International Skating Union

4 February
Thank you & request for Government of Ontario

5 January
Thank you & request for Government of Ontario


​18 December
Request for United Kingdom

​16 December
Thank you to France

15 December
Thank you to Denmark

14 December
Thank you to Alberta​

​10 December
Request for Ontario

7 December
Request for Harbour Centre

4 December
Request for Royal Alberta Museum

3 December
Thank you to Manitoba

28 November
Thank you to City of New York

27 November
Request for Empire State Building

26 November
Request for St. Patrick's, New York​

23 November
Thank you to Belgium 

22 November
Thank you to Austria

21 November
Request for Skylon Tower

19 November
Request for Bata Shoe Museum

18 November
Thank you to Redpath Museum

17 November
Request for Art Gallery of Ontario

16 November
Thank you to King of Belgium

13 November
Request for Royal Ontario Museum​

12 November
Request for Ontario

11 November
Thank you to Belgium's young royals

2 October
Thank you to CN Tower

Request for City of Toronto

Request for Toronto Public Health