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Letter to BC Schools for Masks after March Break
Good morning,​

I am writing to request that this board require masks in schools for several weeks as a safety measure after March break. This is needed to protect all students, staff and keep them healthy and safe from covid-19 and any other virus they may have contracted during the winter break from school during travel, gathering, shopping or at an event. The measure should be kept in place until late April to cover Easter and the end of flu season / winter which has caused high cases of covid-19 the last three years.

In America, Philadelphia, Boston and some other boards put in a two week measure or policy after Christmas and summer breaks. As the virus & pandemic continue we need measures to reduce the chances of getting covid and prevent development of long term covid which leads to a wide range of conditions, such as heart attacks and stroke or admission to hospital. 

The solution is quick, easy & effective. Simply require everyone on school property to wear a mask for a several weeks after March break. Take this action to help students, staff, reduce transmission in the community at large and support healthcare workers.

Thank you for considering taking this important safety measure. 

Please email to the following school boards & your local board as well :

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