Pandemic Action International
Letter for Los Angeles County
January 2023

Dr. Ferrer,

We are writing to urge Los Angeles County to move to a requirement from a recommendation for masking in all settings as the county has entered the high transmission level for covid. Also, hospitals have had the lowest number of available beds in four years with this pressure being constant for over a month.

As you know covid is a serious threat to the health of the population with a growing number developing long term conditions, many serious post infection / recovery. As well, many people who are over 50, disabled or children are at higher risk for more severe cases of covid, flu and rsv. This causes greater hospital admissions, staff shortages and more deaths. 

We ask for mask requirements for all settings including transit, workplaces including staff at gyms, restaurants, shops, museums and offices as well as everyone attending school, events & shopping at essential shops. There should also be a requirement to limit the number of people at events and improved airflow in all public buildings throughout the county.

We also want to point out the following state & federal requirements : "Homeless shelters, Emergency shelters and cooling and heating centers. State and local correctional facilities and detention centers. When the COVID-19 Community Level is medium or high, facilities must maintain or reinstate universal masking requirements for all staff and residents, regardless if there are no outbreaks within the facility. 

It is only stronger ongoing action with a combination of measures like masking, social distancing, limits in crowded places, improved airflow, testing and vaccination that will limit the strain on healthcare, cause near zero illness in schools and allow everything to open safely. These are proven measures that lower transmission of covid and all other infections transmitted through the air and on surfaces. 

Thank you for addressing this urgent matter.

and tweet a message to @lapublichealth