Pandemic Action International
Letter for schools to maintain mask requirement.

Sir or Madam,​

We thank you for taking the right step and making masks required in your schools.

We urge you to keep this requirement through the year to protect all students and staff and keep them healthy and out of hospital due to a combination of covid, flu and rsv.

Many children's hospitals or units are near capacity with record amounts of children sick, since October, due to a lack of mask requirements and other measures that brought all illness in schools to record low levels for two years. The danger to children and hospital staff unable to treat all paitents is causing shocking suffering with wait times of 12 to 24 or more hours and doctors having to choose between helping one child and letting others die or continue to suffer without care.

For staff, about 1 in 5 adults are developing long covid, causing many to never recover with more deaths in the future from many conditions, such as heart attacks, risks from initial infection for people over 50 and people with a pre-existing condition, as well as those with a low immune system and the lack of a fully effective long lasting vaccine. 

By maintaining your current mask requirement you help keep children and staff healthy, able to teach and allow hospitals to help the many patients who need treatment.

Thank you for keeping masks required!

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