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I am writing to ask for certain measures or guidance be put in place for the pubic at Coronation events on Saturday 6 May to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus for people attending the event. 

The virus causes long term disability for 1 in 5 and results in admission to hospital or death for high risk members of the population, such as seniors, the disabled, children, people with conditions or people with a low immune system.

Safely measures are needed to protect as many attending as possible. Please ask everyone to mask, stay home if unwell or exposed to covid and provide free FFP masks along the route or at entry points. There should also be safe areas for higher risk people to view, including the vulnerable. seniors, disabled and people with conditions who wish to attend in person.

With a few simple steps this historic weekend celebrating Their Majesties Coronation will be safe and enjoyable for all.

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Request for Coronation in London