Pandemic Action International
Letter for White House

December, 2022

Your Excellency / Sir,

There are so many hospitals near capacity with record amounts of children sick, hundreds of direct deaths daily and a lack of healthy staff for healthcare, schools and other workplaces. We have learned 1 in 5 are developing long covid causing many to never recover with more deaths in the future from many conditions, such as heart attacks, risks from initial infection for people over 50 and people with a pre-existing condition, as well as those with a low immune system and the lack of a fully effective long lasting vaccine. 

We call on your government to step up and take the neccessary action for the good of every American now and in the future and address the situation. You must understand the urgency, the need that action must take place and develop long term plans to prevent, protect and reduce all infections related to covid and it's devestating long term effects. 

We ask your government to take action right away and restore the national mask mandate on all mass transit, healthcare, shelters and expand it to include all workplaces. Including staff at gyms, restaurants, shops, museums and offices as well as everyone attending school, events & shopping at essential shops.

It is only ongoing action with a combination of measures of masking, social distancing, limits in crowded places, improved airflow, testing and vaccination that will reduce the strain on healthcare, cause near zero illness in schools and allow business to open safely. These are proven measures that lower transmission of covid and all other infections transmitted through the air and on surfaces. This is the only way we can have a safer more confident future and stronger, healthier economy.

Thank you for addressing this matter.


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